Just for Kids

Our practitioners love working with kids, and are experienced in helping them feel comfortable visiting our clinics and getting them invested in their mobility progress.

Our sister company, Cascade Dafo, is the industry’s leading manufacturer of pediatric lower-extremity braces, and we have full access to their world-class mobility solutions. Here are a few resources developed by Cascade Dafo to help your child develop a positive relationship with their practitioner and get excited about their new device.

A pre-appointment video made for kids

Knowing what to expect at their first orthotist appointment can help kids relax and set the stage for a positive experience. This fun video is narrated by a child and uses footage of our actual clinic visits to help young patients prepare for their first bracing appointment.

Deck out your custom DAFOs with the online Creation Station

Is your child being cast for custom DAFOs? Help them get invested in their new braces by letting them choose their transfer designs, straps, and padding colors with a virtual DAFO on the online Creation Station. You can print or email your favorites to us ahead of your appointment. Your child will arrive at their appointment excited about their new braces! (Many of our transfer designs have matching coloring pages you can download and print. These are just for fun, so feel free to color outside the lines!)

Shoes and Socks for AFOs

Here are some tips on finding the right shoes and socks to wear with AFOs and SMOs: