Your health and happiness are our top priorities at Cascade Prosthetics & Orthotics. We use the latest technologies and the most advanced trainings to provide you with the best the industry has to offer. You can count on Cascade Prosthetics & Orthotics to meet your needs.

Cascade Prosthetics & Orthotics offers:

  • A full prosthetic service for all levels of amputation utilizing the latest technology to ensure the best fit and function
  • A complete orthotic service for all joints ranging from the foot and ankle to knees, backs and arms
  • Diabetic foot care including extra-depth shoes, custom molded shoes and custom molded insoles

Cascade Prosthetics & Orthotics specializes in:

  • Fitting the C-leg from Otto Bock and the Rheo knee from Ossur, as well as the other computer controlled knees currently available including the newest Plie 2.0 from Freedom Innovations.
  • Fitting the newest upper extremity myoelectric prosthetic technology, the i-LIMB from Touch Bionics, as well as other myoelectric componentry from Otto Bock.
  • The Ohio WillowWood Limb Logic elevated-vacuum suspension technology for lower limb prosthetics.
  • Treating the pediatric orthotic population.
  • We are the only clinic in NW Washington that offers both the WalkAide and the Bioness L300 FES systems for footdrop so patients can compare the devices side by side to see which performs best for them.